NBA Free Agency 2010 Guide

As of an hour ago, an unprecedented period of upheaval began for the NBA (dramatic no?).There are 30 teams in the NBA and 1230 wins to be had in the Regular season and if we add up all the wins available in free agency (and include Chris Paul) about 435 are in play (~35%). To help along in this process I’ve done what good engineers do: I’ve prepared a handy dandy cheat sheet. Feel free to follow along at home.

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  1. Chicago Tim
    July 12

    With Kyle Korver, you seem to assume that he won’t start for the Bulls. I’m not sure that is true.

    Also, I’m not sure you are taking into account the age of the free agents. Are you discounting for age and length of contract?

  2. Chicago Tim
    July 12

    Also, although the deal with Mike Miller and the Heat seems nearly done, I still haven’t seen confirmation that it is totally done.

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