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Reader Bags Fly Free of the Wages of Wins asks : “Do Wade and Bosh give Miami 40 or so wins combined based on last year’s WoW evaluation? if LBJ doesn’t join them I do not see them doing a whole lot better than last season (47 wins total)”

Here’s my quick answer:


Right know they’d struggle to hit .500. They had 47.2 Wins Produced in 2010. They lost 28.47 to free agency. Let’s give them plus 5 for a healthy wade and 12 for Bosh (which is kind) and we have 35 wins. If they can get LBJ that goes to 60 wins (without anyone else and South Beach is a big lure). If LBJ is out and they can lure one more free agent of value (Lee,Boozer for example) and some decent bench guys they might hit 50.

Here’s it is in table form:

Quick update:

Go check Robbie O’Malley’s awesome expansion on this subject.

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  1. Arturo,

    Thanks for getting this up so quickly. I did a quick scan of last year and was excited at first. Obviously their biggest issue was center and they bring in a 0.200 Center(although probably a little less given his history). Then I checked Hoopshype and realized that they had no players. . . .

    Amazing that Cleveland and Miami adopted the same strategy for Bosh. They thought they should get rid of all their assets (Varejao and West from Cleveland and Haslem from Miami) to make a play for Bosh. If this nets Lebron though then I don’t care who you put around Wade, Lebron and Bosh, that team has no excuse for anything less than 50 wins.

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