The Top 30 Replacement Level Players at the Age of 23,24 & 25

In the previous post I decided on an algorithm for determining Replacement Level players as follows:

Step #1 : Sort player by years and minutes played total for that season. This is the ultimate assertion of the perceived value of a player to a team.

Step#2:  For each position, find the players with the least perceived value (i.e total minutes played and add them up until you reach just over 20% of the minutes played at each position (or just about 10 minutes per game). These are our Replacement Level players

Now I decided that it would be fun to post the Top 30 All time Players who were Replacement Level Players at the ages of 23,24 and 25.  Why these ages? I wanted to take out most rookies and show a group of guys who where on their team’s benches or having injury issues at those ages and might have been available. Without further ado:

Discuss 🙂

Still reading? Good, I’ll put up a post after midnight EST.

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  1. Chicago Tim
    August 19

    Were these players late bloomers, were they undervalued by their teams, or is there some other explanation for their appearance on this list?

  2. August 19

    I think it’s a combination of Factors. Rodman and Wallace have been/were severely underrated throughout their careers (WP has both of them as top 20 guys all time, WORP would have them as top ten probably). Injuries also play a part.

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