Around the WOW week 1

Since this space seems to be getting some eyeballs, I’ve decided that I’m going to add a weekly feature where I point you to some of the awesome work going on around the Wages of Wins Network.

You can't see us we're tiny. (Image courtesy of

So without further ado, WOW links of the week:

First off is Ty Willihnganz at Courtside Analysist. I love all his stuff but you must read:

Second is my partner in crime Andres Alvarez at NerdNumbers with:

Then we get to the official assistant GM of this Blog, Devin Dignam of NBeh? doing an audit of the Raptors front office based on my Build me a winner algorithm

We then go to a very stylish new blog, The City by the artist know as Evanz. Evanz is taking a concept from this piece, the Lebron equivalent unit and running with it to awesome effect. Also the 2nd piece on human WP sine wave Monta Ellis offers some hope to Warrior fans.

Our resident Miami homeboy, reservoirgod takes Wins Produced to the Heats two games:

Ian Levy over at Hickory High takes a look at the boxscores

And finally the godfather and creator of WOW takes on a subject near and dear to both our hearts, rookies:


  1. October 29

    I am the godfather? Now that is an interesting role…

  2. Chicago Tim
    October 29

    I guess you are in the miscellaneous blogs. I’m such a sports fan that I find the absence of sports blogs on the map puzzling, but I’m sure I get a warped perspective.

  3. […] about what it means when something unusual happens.  Then I was looking at Arturo’s tour of the WoW family of sites and saw that there was a post about Monta Ellis’ great game the […]

  4. Grammar Nazi
    October 29

    I understand you are harbouring a sentence of bad grammatical descent, possibly a first sentence. It is only because I absolutely love your work that I am letting you go with a warning.

    PS. Did I mention I love your work?

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