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It’s been a pleasure to bring my talents to south beach now on to Memphis – Paul Pierce via Twitter

The Paul Pierce quote is an illustration of why I love Twitter.

I love having to craft your thought into a clear and concise phrase.

I love the immediacy, the false intimacy.

The trash talking of course.

Consider this post a love letter to Twitter.

140 characters or less at a time.


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Now for  WOW links of a this week (thru 11/14/10):

WOW godfather, Prof. Berri of the Wages of Wins leads us off with :

A post on Bad players in Toronto and on the Happenings in The Big Easy.

I may have already said that NOH was for real (see the link)


Ty Willihnganz at Courtside Analysist does a Courtside Analyst “NBA Power Index”


Andres Alvarez at NerdNumbers brings us the usual

A Melo Piece: If Melo thinks he needs help he may not have a point.

A Kobe piece:Apples to Orange : Kobe or Pau?

And a cautionary piece on the perils of takings bad shots on a good night:Goofus and Gallant: Starring Kevin Love and Chris Paul


Official assistant GM of this Blog Devin Dignam of NBeh? continues his  deconstruction of the Bargniani myth: Another ‘Bargnani is a Bust’ Post

The City makes some nice points and a decent pun :Smart Getting It (Mostly) Wright


Our resident Miami cheerleader, reservoirgod :

Defends Rashard Lewis: Defending The Pharaoh While Waiting For Superman

and examines the Heat’s woes:

Miami Heat Check: Chris Paul, NJ Nets Illustrate Depth Of Problems At Point Guard And Center,Miami Heat Check: It Was All Good Just A Week Ago, Part 1


Ian Levy over at Hickory High lays down his expected scoring microscope to Dwight Howard.

And last but not least Genius Now , another Warrior blog with part 2 of his post on The Warriors and the draft.


A final note, I’ve been a little busy this week but I’ve not abandoned this blog.

I’ll keep shooting for a post every day (and at worst every other day).

As always satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.


  1. Shawn Ryan
    November 14

    That is a great quote, haha

  2. November 14

    My hate for the Celtics has been officially restored. Pierce talking trash in a game where he was BADLY outplayed by LeBron would be like Jeter talking trash about winning the golden glove.

  3. some dude
    November 14

    Badly outplayed? Bwahaha.

    Statistically, he had 25 points off 16 shots and solid defense and just 1 TO and a +/- of +12 in the game

    Lebron had a nice statline, but a lot of that came when Boston was in total control of the game and nursing it. He had some poor defensive lapses and 4 TOs. he also spent some possessions doing absolutely nothing while Pierce has very little wasted motions.

    Watching that game, at no point did i think Lebron was badly outplaying Pierce (or at all, quite the contrary). And i say this hating the Celtics and Pierce about most of all. I know stats say Lebron played well, but watching the game I didn’t think he was playing that well (but he got a lot of horrible offensive fouls called incorrectly in his favor). He was okay compared to Wade, however.

  4. November 15

    Player Team WP48 Wins
    Kevin Garnett BOS 0.670 0.52
    Udonis Haslem MIA 0.710 0.49
    LeBron James MIA 0.488 0.45
    Ray Allen BOS 0.296 0.25
    Rajon Rondo BOS 0.291 0.24
    Chris Bosh MIA 0.247 0.18
    Nate Robinson BOS 0.696 0.16
    Zydrunas Ilgauskas MIA 0.248 0.10
    Eddie House MIA 0.234 0.09
    Paul Pierce BOS 0.089 0.06
    Shaquille O’Neal BOS 0.031 0.01
    Jerry Stackhouse MIA 0.087 0.01
    Glen Davis BOS 0.019 0.01
    Mario Chalmers MIA -0.129 -0.01
    Carlos Arroyo MIA -0.146 -0.03
    Marquis Daniels BOS -0.100 -0.04
    James Jones MIA -0.116 -0.05
    Joel Anthony MIA -0.319 -0.05
    Semih Erden BOS -0.785 -0.13
    Dwyane Wade MIA -0.543 -0.45

    I’ll just leave this here.

    • some dude
      November 15

      i think over the course of a season, this stuff irons itself out.

      But here’s why i don’t like individual WP48. Say you’re a backup and you come in down 20 in the 4th and play against other teams’ scrubs. You post up a high WP48 like WP48 of .45. Now, you probably played well, but you didn’t actually contribute towards a win in any way as you played when the game no longer mattered.

      I know Lebron put up some nice stats, but he didn’t put those up as much when they mattered. And his defensive rotations in that game was horrible. I thought he and Wade were the teams’ worst defenders in that game (outside of when Arroyo was out there). And they’re rarely bad defenders.

      Remember, it’s now just what you WP are, it’s how you get them. Lebron was passive and didn’t play off the ball at all, killing the team’s offense, when Wade had it. He also rotated poorly and didn’t really come alive til the game was really over.

      Lebron is the much better player and will usually outplay Pierce. But he didn’t that night. You couldn’t watch that game and tell me Lebron badly outplayed Pierce.

      hell, if we go by WP48 we’d conclude that Haslem was the best player on the floor. Come on. He shot 9/10, which is flukey, and that’s the reason for it. He didn’t create any of those shots and almost all of them came when the team was down too much to come back from and Boston allowed him those shots.

      A shot, rebound, assist, etc is not worth the same down 20 as it is in a close game when comparing performances. That’s where mental adjustments come into play (and why +/- is often misleading too).

      • EvanZ
        November 15

        “I know Lebron put up some nice stats, but he didn’t put those up as much when they mattered.”

        Why didn’t the game matter when he put up those stats? This is the same kind of logic that people use to defend Melo and Kobe. “Well, he made the shot when it counted.” Don’t all the shots (rebounds, assists, steals, etc) count?

      • EvanZ
        November 15

        Also, where is the evidence to back up the following assertion?

        “Remember, it’s now just what you WP are, it’s how you get them.”

        I’ve heard that argument, but haven’t seen data that shows how it’s true.

  5. some dude
    November 15

    by individual WP48, I meant individual game WP48.

  6. some dude
    November 15

    Evanz – As I said, they are not worth the same at all times for matters of individual comparison.

    Do you think a scrub player who only plays 5 minutes a game against other scrub players in garbage time putting up a WP48 of .200 is as good as a starter who puts up .200 in 35 mpg?

    • EvanZ
      November 15

      “As I said, they are not worth the same at all times for matters of individual comparison.”

      But you said:

      “I know Lebron put up some nice stats, but he didn’t put those up as much when they mattered.

      And then you go on to ask about a scrub’s garbage time. I’m just asking you to be consistent with your argument. Did LeBron’s stats “count” or not?

  7. some dude
    November 15

    i’m using it to demonstrate what I mean, by using an extreme example to make it more simple.

    Lebron’s stats counted towards the final score. No one can deny that. But he put up a large portion the positive stats when the game was out of reach. A lot of the negative stuff he did early in the game when the outcome was in doubt. You have to make subjective adjustments to the data in your head.

    Look at the Laker-Denver game. on the last play of the game, down like 8 or whatever it was, Pau rebounded a missed shot with no one around and put up an uncontested layup with 1 second left. In the box score, his stats now look better, underscoring how horrible he played in the game. Having watched the game, I can discount that insignificant basket when assessing his play. Or take a 70 foot buzzer beating heave at the end of the 1st. Don’t you adjust your assessment if someone shot 3-8 from 3 point land knowing that say 1 or 2 were just straight up heaves? As i said, over the course of an entire season this stuff might just iron itself out, but when trying to analyze a single game, you have to make mental adjustments.

    As with everything in life, context matters.

    • Raspu10
      November 15

      SD – what defines “out of reach?” I’ve seen a team come back from down 8 in 12 seconds. Only once, mind you, out of hundreds and hundreds of games, but it can happen – and 5 pts happens in that time frame much more frequently. The problem with “garbage time” is that it can suddenly turn into a real game. And if a player (let’s say Jeff Adrien) puts in 19 .400+ second-half minutes, entering when the team is down 18 and leaving it down 5 with 2 minutes to go, he’s definitely put his team in a position to win. He’s earned partial win, in my book, regardless of whether the team wins or not.

  8. Jimbo (Oz)
    November 15

    Arturo, any chance of some information on your new job ? Us fanatical readers need something to soothe the burns of not getting a post every day…. :)

  9. some dude
    November 15

    Rasp – I guess it depends on the game. Like when Chick Hearn put it into the fridge. 😀

    But the point is that the team was down a lot partially due to how poorly he played in the beginning of the game (as did the rest of the team, especially Wade). He put up big stats when Boston eased off the accelerator. We all saw it. And big swings should matter, or rather variability should matter, in evaluating performance.

    But none of this addresses the game in question, particularly his horrible defensive rotations and lackadaisical play when Wade had the ball. If Wade/Lebron are going to take turns standing in a spot doing absolutely nothing during big games, they won’t go very far. The lack of playing off the ball stifles the offense. Box score stats are not accounting for this and this situation rarely comes up for non-shooters.

    • EvanZ
      November 15

      “The lack of playing off the ball stifles the offense. Box score stats are not accounting for this”

      Sure they do. If the offense is as bad as you say it is, then the box score should reflect it in some real way: fewer assists, lower FG%, more TOV.

      • some dude
        November 15

        I meant at the individual level. At the team level it did bear out in the stats in the 1st half.

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