Quick Post: Wins Produced Breakdown for the Eastern Conference

Quick Post as I wait for the Heat-Celts throwdown.

First go check out a special edition podcast with:

The Super Stats Team:

Mosi Platt – http://miami-heat-index.blogspot.com/

Dr. David Berri – http://dberri.wordpress.com/

Andres Alvarez –http://nerdnumbers.com/

We talk blogging,Heat-Celts, Homecourt and other fields.

Here’s a quick visualization I threw together for Wins Produced for the Eastern Conference:

Here’s a topical funny:

Heat-Celtics we are not so different you and I.

Now let’s get back to business at hand.


  1. Man of Steele
    February 13

    it’s entertaining to see Bargnani’s “contributions” represented visually.

  2. February 15

    Those stats mean NOTHING!!! First of all, most of those raptors you have up there are no longer with the team. Secondly even though Andrea bargnarni is the lowest in the negative side, it does not mean he’s the the worst. Demar De Rozan and Sonny Weems are in the negative too. does that mean that they’re terrible. Peja Stojackavic only played that one game for the Raptors, and then spent the rest of the time on that team on the bench. Marcus Banks did nothing when he was on the team. So when you decide to post stats, at least try to make them somewhat relevant.

    • February 15

      I listed full roster for the season.
      15 of 21 players listed (71%)? Still on the team.
      The Bargniani thing means exactly what it says. He should not be a center or PF on an NBA team (it’s fairly cut and dried). He’s an inneficient jumpshooter who doesn’t rebound or pass the ball. And he can’t play D (seriously got check this out if you don’t believe me http://www.82games.com/1011/10TOR17.HTM) so his WP numbers are inflated.
      The answer for Weems is probably (he’s already 24). For DeRozan it’s we’ll see (he’s only 21).

      Thank you for playing.

      • Swirsky's Soldier
        February 15

        welcome to the world of Raptors.

        “There is no way stats can be accurate… they all say Bargnani sucks, but he’s so good! Look at everyone else and how much they suck… thats why Bargnani doesn’t look as good!. Bargnani is awesome! Where’s my penne pasta!”

  3. OzRapFan
    February 15

    Wow, he’s the worst by a long margin!

    There are a lot of stats going around that the Bargnani fan boys will say are manipulated but they away say the same thing, Barg sucks. If you look at these stats they make sense, you have Miami with the Lebron & Wade show, Boston a more balances team and the Magic who ride Dwights back which is the same in real life

    Anyone who watches the games will agree that Amir is the best Raptor, now if only we can have Hump back for Bargnani.

  4. […] Galletti has already illustrated that Andrea Bargnani is far and away the worst player in the Eastern Conference in terms of Wins Produced. Now, Dave Berri looks at the problems with talent evaluation […]

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