The Rookie Progress Report

Working today while you gringos are on holiday.

So here’s a little something to tide you over.

You may recognize the format. I took the table for the last MVP Post and filtered it for rookies.

Lessons learned? Blake and Landry really good. Omer Asik, Paul George, Davis and Turner are rounding into shape. Cousins may be making a leap on the court (regardless of the off the court stuff).



  1. JLewis
    February 21

    I knew Blake started slow, very interesting to see him tailing off this month. A couple of possible explanations:

    1. Eric Gordon injury means he sees a LOT more double teams and offensively he’s not skilled enough to deal with it at this stage in his career.
    2. 11 game road trip and the entire Clipper team is horrible on the road.
    3. The proverbial “rookie wall”

    It will be interesting to see if he can snap out of it and get back to superstar status the remainder of the season.

  2. February 21

    You can see Wall started off really well and then had some ankle trouble as well as other injuries and it really slowed him down. You can see his WP48 start to creep back up. I’m mildly optimistic that he can become a ~.200 level player. I’m not so sure about .300+. I think he’ll be at least .150. He reminds me a little bit of Russell Westbrook statistically.

  3. Chicago Tim
    February 22

    Yay Asik! It will be interesting to see how much time he gets with Noah coming back. Thibs normally favors vets, but at the beginning of the season he played Asik more than Thomas, and Thomas could use the rest.

  4. Nick Bentley
    February 22

    Omer Asik stands out, since he’s improved every month. If he actually turns out to be as good as his most recent month suggests, the Bulls might be considerably scarier than they already are.

    This begs the question: do trends like Asik’s have any predictive power for rookies?

    • February 22

      Playing with a data set now that might have that answer. I’ll post something when I have it.

  5. Chicago Tim
    February 22

    Also, I would love to see your table reorganized not by year in the league, but by age. Some of the rookies are over 24, while some of the vets have not yet hit their prime. If doing it for everyone is too much, maybe just everyone under 24 (still a good chance to improve) vs. everyone 24 and over?

    • Chicago Tim
      February 22

      And I meant that for everyone, not just rookies. If you have time and interest, of course.

  6. Mike
    February 23

    Should there be a different scale for rookies? We expect rookies to improve, right?, so it’s looks a little harsh to hold them to a veteran standard. Also, it’s just not as helpful in rating rookies to see a screen just covered in red ‘scrub’ boxes. just a thought.

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