Team Run Chart: Chicago Bulls

This here is a test.

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Yesterday, I put up a post for Dre visually breaking down every game. His response?


So your game by game imagery was awesome. Of course my response to is to ask for another great follow up. I did the season split and it was interesting (Memphis IS a contender for instance). Now here’s a cool story idea we may be able to dig into and get a series out of
I would love to see a 2 week by 2 week run chart for the Chicago Bulls that showed the Teams performance and each players’ performance. I think there’s something to it. I don’t think Rose has played better or worse (in fact 1st half vs. 2nd half shows this) but I do buy say healthy Boozer+Noah and more minutes for Brewer influencing the ascension of the bulls.
if this looks cool then I think this could be a good story idea for every team. What do you think?

I agree. Let’s try this out.

I think this is a very illustrative graph. Noah and Rose carried the Bulls early. Deng and Boozer stepped in when Noah went out.  In fact, it seems like Rose and Deng are the keys. The emergence of Omer Asik should scare the pants out of other teams in the East.

This was fun. I may just have to turn it into a feature.


  1. Seb
    March 6

    Nice work. Just one (unrelated) question: What kind of software do you guys use for your statistical analysis and graphs?

    • Seb,
      Dre was running his stuff on silverlight and is moving to ruby on rails.

      I typically use a combination of Excel and Minitab (although I’m starting to explore Java for visualizations).

  2. Shawn Ryan
    March 7

    I’m a bit late on this, but I love this visualization. I think it’s the most effective you’ve come up with. Scratch that, this may be the best productivity vizualization that I’ve seen. I think that paring it down to one team goes a long way toward letting the visualization tell a story in a coherent way, and in fact, in a way that is not really possible without visualization. Great work.

    Man, looking at this comment, you would think that I was getting paid by the “vizualization”.

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