Team Run Chart: Memphis Grizzlies

Yesterday was fun. Let’s do another short one.

Yesterday it was the Bulls. Today we go with my dark horse out west for a 1st round upset: the Memphis Grizzlies.


Seriously? Yes, Seriously!


Let’s break it down:

It’s all about Zbo. Memphis is a for real threat in round one. Gay needs to be back in the lineup however. Xavier Henry should be told to practice cheerleading and woofing (and not expect any run in the Postseason). Trick or Treat Tony kills me on this team (and let’s hope he doesn’t do the same to the Grizz).

Good night and Good luck.


  1. Some Dude
    March 7

    I would love for the Spurs to have to go through Memphis and then OKC to get to the WCF. Tire them out before LAL meet em.

    Best case scenario is that with NOH then HCA vs Dallas for LAL before the Spurs WCF.

    Someone will ruin that series of events, but it would be lovely.

    Randolph has quietly put together a really good run of late. Not sure what happened to Pau’s brother, though.

    Also, is Miami’s panic button just worn out by this point?

  2. szr
    March 7

    I love these charts! They’re very revealing in a way that the traditional WP48 charts haven’t been.

    Could you produce one for the Wizards? I know that it probably isn’t the top of the agenda since they’re basically a non-factor for the rest of the season, but I would love to see where the problems exist, and which players are actually contributing.


  3. Jimbo (Oz)
    March 7

    Arturo, I agree with “szr” – these charts are excellent ! Obviously they’re a bit of work, but one for each team would be fantastic.

  4. Crow
    March 7

    Can you clarify for me what the player values are? Is it WP or win % on the court or what?

    • Crow,
      It’s a little different way of viewing it. It’s actually WinsProduced / Games Played for each player and the team.

  5. ilikeflowers
    March 7

    You rock Arturo. These are great visuals. I’m hoping that you’ll be able to do something like this for each playoff series this year.

    On a different note, I was looking over Alex’s recent post on predicting the past and his comment on regression to the mean really stuck with me. Any thoughts on analyzing individual regression to the mean and the effects of teammate regression to the mean on each individual in the future?

    • You mean like the Spurs shooting in the Heat And Lakers games? I need to think on this some more actually. Ample evidence that this may be occurring. Just brokedown and installed R so this might very well be on queu.

      • ilikeflowers
        March 7

        I was thinking specifically about wp48 for a season and how to better project it from past to future. If a player sees an unusually large increase or decrease in their performance one year then when trying to predict the next year’s performance, it’s likely to decrease/increase. Likewise if a team as a whole over or underperforms what is expected from the players then the next year is likely to see that team decline back towards the expected norm. What might be revealing (or not) is to look at the expectations for the team and individuals in the follow up year (the expected regression to the mean year) based upon RTTM for individuals only (then used to determine the team expectations) and compare this to the expectations for the team and individuals in the follow up year based upon RTTM for the team only (then used to determine the individual expectation). I hope that makes sense. Of course there are the age complications for players outside their prime, injuries, etc…

        Any kind of post looking into RTTM (aka the Madden Curse) and its wp48 impact is likely going to be interesting though.

      • Evanz
        March 8

        minitab not cutting it, eh? Welcome to 2011!

  6. Crow
    March 7

    Thanks for the clarification. It is useful to have all that data over time in a compact summary. Another hit from your production line.

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