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Hey all!

Arturo has kindly let me couch surf on his blog while Nerd Numbers is getting made over. The important thing to post about today is our podcast. The playoffs are drawing near and which of the division leaders are for real is a major question, especially with the Heat losing four straight. Mosi joined Arturo and myself as well as the Real Fans (Daniel and Alan) to discuss the contenders:

1. San Antonio Spurs – We started with the league’s best record team. They’re good. . . somehow this turned into a discussion about the Nuggets and what needs to happen with Nene.

2. The Los Angeles Lakers – Arturo was happy to give several metaphors to explain their PG plight. Check out his last post for his thoughts. Bynum is scary and the hope is some team finds a way to exploit their PG weakness.

3. The Oklahoma City Thunder – We all love the trade. Westbrook could be the deciding factor against the Lakers. Mosi makes a good point, is this team really as strong as the other contenders?

4. The Chicago Bulls – Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose (I may have finally snapped)

5. The Miami Heat- Glaring weakness or just some bad breaks? We get into time travel discussion. . .

6. The Boston Celtics – I was expecting drama and fireworks. Oddly we all agree this team shouldn’t have traded Perkins and the playoffs are riding on health.

7. Dark horses – Arturo told me to shut up about the most interesting one. Daniel and Alan rub in that they knew about Philly.

8. Finals – Los Angeles vs. Miami? Oklahoma vs. Boston? Oklahoma vs. Chicago? San Antonio vs. Chicago? Or will we all be wrong?



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  1. EntityAbyss
    March 8

    Hey Arturo, I was just thinking about the usage (sorry beforehand because I know this may lead to a big argument). I was wondering. Players with high usage tend to have more assists (assists are part of usage percentage) which would increase the production of players. So wouldn’t using increase and decrease in shot attempts vs scoring efficiency be a better choice than usage vs scoring efficiency?

  2. I can’t believe 3 out of 5 podcasters picked the Bulls to make the Finals… Dre, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Some Dude
      March 9

      better choice than your Miami Tears.

      Bulls are a matchup problem for Boston (moreso without Perk). I definitely give them a legit shot of making it out of the East. One of those 2 should do it, but Orlando might spoil Boston in the 2nd round (doubt it, though).

  3. Whatever some dude. It’s amazing how fans of a stats blog let their hate for Miami prevent them from acknowledging the numbers. And apologists for the Rapist & His Merry Men think a little winning streak after the all-star break will erase their garbage play before it. It doesn’t. But hey, you & Arturo can enjoy rooting for teams that lost to the Cavs.

  4. Some Dude
    March 9

    All title teams lose to a garbage team here and there. 72 win bulls lost to a woeful Toronto squad, if you recall.

    On the flip side, I am certain title teams don’t have this poor of an efficiency split against top 10 teams.

    My “hate” of Miami doesn’t make me ignore stats. Your homerism blinds you from them. Miami is at the bottom at shooting at the rim and at the top of shooting long 2s. Find me a title team that pulled that off.

    Title teams defend, rebound, and score easy points better than other teams (at least 2 real well, 1 average). Miami does only 1 of these things really well and is below average at the others.

    It’s 2011 dude. The rape jokes are way out of style. On the flip side, I’m surprised a Miami Heat fan knew something related to a basketball player before 2010. FAN UP!

  5. March 10

    Funny how MIA sounded louder than LA did on Christmas. Guess an ass-whipping shuts up faker fans real quick. TAKE TWO

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