Tuesday Podcast: A Rose does not equal Love

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Nerd Numbers here. Arturo Daniel and myself got together and talked until the internet would not let us talk any more. We discussed

1. The Greatness of Kevin Love (a theme for this blog)

2. Why Rose is not (or is if you’re Daniel) the MVP

3. How Boston looks (Arturo wouldn’t let Mosi’s tweets bait him)

4. The Nuggets (we didn’t have stars but we had players with star potential?)

5. A little about CU and getting robbed. Oddly this may be one of the few podcasts where this wasn’t a huge issue.



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  1. March 15

    I’m w/ Daniel – I didn’t expect much from Kevin Love coming out of college, either. I remember him getting beat around by Joey Dorsey when they played Memphis.

  2. March 15

    The issue Arturo overlooked w/ Love playing on a bad team is that the T’Wolves probably play a lot of garbage time so teams don’t have to focus on shutting him down.

  3. March 15

    I think Dre needs to start drug-testing participants on the podcast. Arturo must have been smoking something to say LeBron’s teammates on the Cavs = his teammates in Miami. I didn’t know PR had the same drug policy as California.

  4. March 15

    Somebody send out an APB for Arturo’s mind – it’s lost in the numbers.

    Daniel said it best – the nerds were confusing PRODUCTION with TALENT. There’s more talent in Miami than there was in Cleveland.

  5. March 15

    Just wanted to clarify – I don’t have Kevin Love & Dwight Howard on my fantasy team. I have Kevin Love & Dwyane Wade.

    BTW – Arturo doesn’t have any good young players. His team is terrible. Devin Dignam, the official GM of this blog, should be promoted. Devin has an expansion team that’s fighting for a playoff spot.

  6. March 15

    Daniel makes a good point – if Rose can be considered for MVP, then why not Westbrook since his numbers are better?

    • Westbrook not leading scorer on team, not #1 pick and not playing in big market. Sad but true.

      • Greyberger
        March 16

        Weirdly I think it has more to do with Durant being there, and splitting the imaginary vote (since neither one is really being considered this year).

        I think the logic goes something like this: Oh look, the Bulls are doing well. I only know one player on that team, so Derrick Rose should be in the MVP conversation. I know two Thunder players, and since the Thunder don’t have a better record than the Bulls neither one can be as good as Rose is for the Bulls.

        Then it’s just a matter of the other contestants dropping out for various reasons; Lebron for being hated, D Howard because the Magic haven’t improved over last year’s version, etc. And that’s how you get Derrick Rose for MVP.

        My two cents says Lebron is the most valuable player in the NBA this year.

      • Some Dude
        March 16

        probably more to do with the fact that Chicago is currently #1 in the East and OKC has disappointed expectations (unfair ones, but nonetheless). And he plays with Durant and the team has had minimal injuries before trading for Perkins.

        Meanwhile, Boozer and Noah has missed significant time.

  7. Some Dude
    March 16

    I’m surprised RG agrees with me about Love exploited defenses not caring.

    People here seem so willing to dismiss this. Have y’all ever played organized sports? Teams don’t play as hard against weaker teams, on average. It’s very obvious when watching the games. How many times have you seen a top 6-8 team just coast til the 4th before putting Minnesota away? I’ve seen it happen a lot on NBA TV alone.

  8. March 16


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