The Wages of Wins Network 2011 Votes for 6th Man of the Year

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Let’s thank @daniellawver for this one:

“@NerdNumbers 6th man of the year race: Gortat (the suns version, .256 wp48) the only real competition to Odom (.258 wp48)?”

The 6th man of the year award is actually kind of a big deal to the Wages of Wins Network. To be a broken record: Your top six in the playoffs matter! Having a productive player come off the bench can not only be a good way to rack up regular season wins but it is almost a requirement for succeeding in the playoffs. The official definition I’ve found is for the player that is “the most valuable player coming off of their team’s bench.” For my purposes I’ll consider 50% or fewer games off the bench as a “bench player” and the player with the most Wins Produced as the most valuable. The voters only cast 3 votes, but we got above and beyond here and we’ll give you 10.

Daniel’s instincts were spot on. Truthfully Lamar Odom is head and shoulders above the other candidates. From a per-minute standpoint he is not that much better than Gortat but he is the only player to get more than 1900 minutes on this list. In fact, we should call this the underappreciated list.  Other than Odom no one has earned more than 1900 minutes and not one player has a salary of higher than $8,200,00!

Of course there’s an old story in place here. Many things used in evaluating a player revolve around points. It’s not too surprising in fact that four of the players score fewer than 10 points a game. When guessing who will be 6th man of the year it seems unlikely that the voters will use the Wins Produced metric. Let’s look at the top bench players in terms of points per game.

The good news is that Lamar Odom is still in the running. Thaddeus Young, J.R Smith and Shawn Marion stick around but see their stock drop to worse players (Thanks tgt for the editing help!).  There’s a real possibility that Jason Terry or Jamal Crawford (both previous winners) will take the award. We can notice that this list of players, despite scoring more points, has fewer productive players than our Wins Produced list. They are however, paid much better and get more minutes. In the end it is likely a top scorer and player on a winning team will sway the voters (hey sounds a lot like the MVP award!)

Here at the Wins Produced Network we like to be helpful. Arturo decided to put the top 10 scorers and the top 10 win producers in a few helpful charts so you can see how they line up. With that let’s take a look at our 6th man candidates in terms of production, scoring and cost. The good news is Lamar stays on top. I’m definitely a fan of anything that makes Ty Lawson look good. The last parting fact to you playoff teams out there is this: Oklahoma and Philadelphia are two teams you don’t want to see in the first round.

2011 6th Man of the Year Candidates ordered by Productivity, Scoring and Cost

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  1. tgt
    March 25

    The only other top Win Producer that survived the cut was Thaddeus Young

    … and Shawn Marion and J.R. Smith.

  2. March 25

    It’s Odom, and no one else is even close. I guess the Jet Terry would be my choice for second.

  3. March 25

    Thanks for the grab! Turns out a few players tied on 12.1 ppg and on my initial draft I had Marion and Smith off the list. My bad. Thanks for the catch and glad you made sure two Nuggets got to represent!

  4. March 25

    My original point was that Gortat, the version that’s seen a largely expanded role on the Suns rather than the version that’s saw limited action on the Magic, has seen performance very similar to that of Lamar Odom.

    Odom: 32.5 mpg, 14.5 ppg, .258 wp48, 120 ORtg, 104 DRtg, 19.9 Per
    Gortat (suns): 29.0 mpg, 12.4 ppg, .256 wp48, 121 ORtg, 106 DRtg, 19.1 Per

  5. March 25

    Absolutely right! Really we should notice something interesting here. The Lakers are a scary scary team with Odom and of all the 6th man candidates the big thing to notice is that they actually give him minutes. Gortat has been great in Phoenix and is somehow sharing minutes with Lopez. It breaks my heart to see such a great player have to “prove” himself but if Phoenix realizes what they have and up his time to 36 minutes and trade their plethora of GF for a decent PF they could have something special.

  6. March 25

    They have upped his time quite a bit. His first full month in Phoenix was January. Here are mpg each month since he’s arrived:

    Jan: 23.8 mpg
    Feb: 30.1 mpg
    Mar: 35.1 mpg

    Here are Robin Lopez’s minutes over the same period:

    Jan: 15.9
    Feb: 16.0
    Mar: 13.2

    Gentry obviously knows the value that he’s getting from Gortat (who’s play has improved over time with the Suns) and is giving Gortat starter-level minutes every game now.

  7. Some Dude
    March 25

    Odom is easily the 6th man of the year. He’s been the most consistent Laker after years of inconsistency. I agree with this post, Arturo! if Odom doesn’t get this award, then the media (or is it coaches?) should be ashamed.

  8. Eitan Rosenberg
    March 25

    Gortat’s mid-season deal hurts him in that a 6th man, like the MVP award, sometimes is atributted to a successful team. With Gortat since he was on two teams it could hurt his association to the winning Magic as oppose to the hopeful but likely lotto bound Suns.

    Lamar Odom seems like the clear cut winner and has proven the notion that the top 6 are crucial in the playoffs. I think Boston would agree hence the Jeff Green acquisition.

  9. Greyberger
    March 25

    Nick Collison and even Omer Asik should get mentioned. But yeah Odom should win sixth man.

  10. March 25

    poor lamar, don’t see that dude ever winning any individual award in his career.

    • Some Dude
      March 26

      eh, the media has been pretty locked into giving him the award from what i’ve seen to date. That’s a good sign

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