Playoff BoxScores 04/18/2011

Yep, you heard me. Real time boxscores.

We don't just do the numbers. We take them to town.

Yet another cool way we’re tooling up here at ASLS (A WOW blog).

With bonus coverage even,

Let’s start with:

Heat-76ers Game 1 & 2:

Not good for Philly. Not good at all.

Bulls-Pacers Game 1 & 2:

Rose is playing like a superstar in the playoffs so far.

It is against the Pacers, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

As for the boxscores? You know of course that this is rev. 1 and will get better.

Over time. (Image courtesy of


  1. April 20

    arturo, will you guys at the WOW network make something similar to last year’s automated wins produced for the playoffs? for instance, updated WP/48 marks, playoff leaders, etc. That would be way helpful!

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