Wages of Wins Podcast: Love and Basketball

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Below are some extra notes to help you enjoy the podcast even more (as if that were possible!)

Super Stat Team Assemble

Falling Stars

All Time Greats?


  • Arturo likes Mike Brown to the Lakers. His reasons may not be altruistic.

Bad Language and Consequences

Podcast “Extras”

  • This may be the only podcast to ever confuse Reggie Evans with Reggie Miller. Spike Lee has probably heckled both.
  • Have you seen Love and Basketball? If not you’re in for a treat (spoiler alert!)
  • UStream is what we use to record our podcasts. If you try and listen to yourself you get a fun feedback effect!




  1. EntityAbyss
    May 25

    I know you’ve said that Dirk is the main point of Dallas’s offense. I was wondering though – do the Mavs have a legitimate power forward after Dirk or do they just play small?

    Also, how does the effect work? Do efficient players just draw more attention making their teammates more efficient or is it just them taking shots away from their lesser teammates?

  2. May 25

    does it have something to do with the team’s average fg% and that of Dirk’s? in other words, because Dirk shoots at a higher percentage than his average teammate, it would be most beneficial for him to have the highest usage possible? (i dont actually know the fg%, but intuitively, that is what i’m getting at)

    • Alvy/EA,
      Dirk’s usage curve for this year is straight line.So his efficiency is the same regardless of how many shots he takes.This means that pretty much regardless of situation, if Dirk is in the game Dallas has a good option on O. This has an unique effect.

      • EntityAbyss
        May 26

        I get that, but Dirk doesn’t shoot that many shots. He’s scary when he keeps getting the ball and putting shots up, but when he isn’t, teams live.

      • May 26


        arturo, do you have a visualization or post on this?

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