Beta Testing, Unrated and the Killer Apps

12 straight months of almost daily posting.

Then a week of silence.

Did you miss me?
No worries. Regardless of the circumstances this space is not going away.

My good work got recognized and I was called up to the big show. At the Wages of Wins Journal I get a bigger forum and the ability (as editor) to pick and choose material. It’s a very nice gig.

But I’m going to keep this sandbox here so I can mess around. I’ll beta test content here. I’ll write and post without a filter and I’ll test material that isn’t quite ready for the big show.

And sometimes we need to keep it blue to truthtell.

Case in point. Here’s something I’ve been working on.
Click here and just press play.

That is every player’s Wins Produced numbers year by year  from 1978 onward in a Google motion chart ( I apologize to your supervisors in advance for lost productivity hours).

It’s so awesome I need to break out some theme music.

As for coming content?

The past is prologue.

30 to 16 to 1.

Build me a winner

The Free Agent Guide.

Enjoy your new toy in the interim.


  1. Chicago Tim
    June 27

    Very, very cool. I tracked Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade — Rose could still get to Wade’s level, or so I hope. I tracked Dennis Rodman. I tracked Magic and MJ together. I also tried tracking some of those tiny circles who nevertheless got major minutes, down in the lower right. I was wondering about 1999, then remembered that season was shortened by a lockout. I’m sure I will return to this page in the future.

  2. Crow
    June 30

    On your newest post at the other site:

    There is more recent Forbes info available.

    I think you made a spreadsheet error with net and gross revenue in the last chart with the true gross revenue being what you report for net revenue. What you show for gross revenue would not match with an assumption of a 50 / 50 split with players and the amount you show for the player share.

    Some of the team expenses are interest and depreciation charges.

    But it could also be true that teams are having to spend more to generate revenue increases. If true that would not be so surprising given the economy and an expectation of increasing resistance to continuous price increases for their products.

    And maybe some are also packing team expenses with things that have spin off benefits for their other businesses directly and indirectly through the reputation / likability that may flow from providing a home team to watch.

  3. Crow
    June 30

    Some of total or gross revenue as reported by Forbes or elsewhere may not be considered BRI- basketball related income and subject to whatever sharing agreement in effect.

  4. Jimbo (Oz)
    July 4

    Arturo – just read the article on the Wolves on WoW, but can’t login, and therefore comment there. I love your work, and really respect it, but feel this question should be asked.

    My comment was regarding Love’s teamates – if they don’t meet expectations this year, then isn’t 3 seasons in a row of “impossibly bad” teamates (if 2 in a row isn’t enough) reason enough to start questioning the value of individual rebounding ? I’ve been reading your blog since the start, and have seen all the comments, replies and posts about this, but as a numbers man, do you think there’s something in it ? I’ve read previously that you say the Wins Produced for teams gets a little fuzzy at the extremes, and that teams are never quite as bad as might be predicted – how does this factor in to the rest of the Wolves teams for the last 2 years ?

    The next point I’ve got is regarding “creators” of scoring opportunities. I listened to a Simmons podcast with Henry Abbott, and Abbott was talking about the Hornets crunch time offense being “off the charts” good over the last few years – much better than those teams with supposed “closers” like Kobe and Melo. Simmons argued that you needed someone to create and take the shot, and Abbot said no, a good offense is all you need, citing the Hornets. I think Henry is actually shooting himself in the foot by using a team with CP3 on it as an example, as I believe to be really successful, a team needs a player to create scoring opportunities – this can be a big man who draws double teams, a player who can get by his defender on the perimiter and create his shot, or a shot for a teamate, or lastly (and leastly), a Kobe / Melo type of exceptionally talented hog. Without one of these type of players, I believe a team is stuck in 2010-2011 Cav’s territory. I’d appreciate your thoughts…

    Cheers, James.

  5. jbrett
    March 24


    I have spent many, many hours roaming around this chart, and I don’t consider a minute wasted. Is there any chance of seeing this with the revised WP formula? I’ll owe you whatever you think I should owe you. (I’m giving you my best pleading look; it’s a shame you can’t see it, ’cause it’s a really good one.)

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