The Playoff game Recaps thru 4/20: The Trick of the East

“We don’t give a shit about it” – Masai Ujiri on Paul Pierce

You may have noticed that all the Playoffs stats are working (basically, everything but the fair line app and I’m working on that one). This will allow me to walk thru all the games and update the odds as we go along each round. As a reminder, we started with:

Round 1 Picks

Let’s look at the MVPs so far:

PlayerRatingDash (1)

Otto Porter? Beno Udrih? Small sample sizes might be at play here. For grins here’s the Fantasy MVPs:

DFS Dash


BLAKE! I don’t expect that to last.

Let’s go thru the games and the series and find out what’s changed so far shall we?

Eastern Conference:

#1 Hawks versus #8 Nets

Initial Prediction: Hawks in 5 (35.9%). 93.2% for Hawks to win.

Game 1 Results:

Game Scorecard

A nice but not dominant performance for the Hawks. Korver and Carroll shined for the Hawks. Lopez was good for the Nets but they couldn’t figure out how to get him the ball. The Hawks win this series easy but I still think the Nets block the sweep.

Revised Prediction: Hawks in 5 (Chalk)

#2 Cavs versus #7 Celtics

Initial Prediction: Cavs in 5 (30.4%). 84.7% for Cavs to win.

Game 1 Results:

Game Scorecard (1)

Game 1 was all about Kyrie. Isaiah Thomas helped the Cs keep it respectable but the Cavs were in control. Throw in the domination of the Cavs bigs (Love and Tristan) and the Cs did a killer job keeping it close.

Game 2 Results:

Game Scorecard (2)

Game 2 was a bit closer then Lebron and his hairplugs showed up.

My initial thoughts on this series (Cs can keep it competitive and lose) remain. The problem lies in that they need the Cavs to basically slip up. Hasn’t happened yet. Some interesting Kyrie points:

Kyrie’s best comp is Ray Allen and I’ll leave this here. Kyie is better than Ray at the same age (Ray was a rookie at 22 though).

Revised Prediction: Cavs in 5 (This will change if Cs can’t pull game 3).

#3 Bulls versus #6 Bucks

Initial Prediction: Bulls in 5 (35.7%). 91.4% for Bulls to win.

Game 1 Results:

Game Scorecard (2)

The media story will focus on Derrick Rose and his comeback in game 1. Rose did play perhaps his best game of the season. However, the real story is the return of Jimmy Butler to form. If this is the Butler and Rose combo we see the rest of the playoffs, the Bulls just might have a shot.

Game 2 Results:

Game Scorecard (3)

The Butler/Rose show continued in game number 2. The injury fairy that lives in the South Side hit on Mirotic though.

One injury, however, is nothing to this Bulls team though. I continue to think they breeze thru the Bucks.

Revised Prediction: Bulls in 5 (I was tempted to go 4 but Kidd and the Bucks will get 1).


#4 Raptors versus #5 Wizards

Initial Prediction: Wiz in 6 (25.3%). 84.4% for Wiz to win.

Game 1 Results:

Game Scorecard (3)

I fully expected the Wizards to steal homecourt on their way to a first round “upset” of the floundering Raptors. However, game 1 was grand larceny on the part of Paul Pierce having a throwback game and Nene joining him in the wayback machine on a trip back to 5 years ago.

Game 2 more closely followed my expectations.

Game 2 Results:

Game Scorecard (4)

Wall and Gortat were great and Gortat didn’t play enough. Bad coaching was had by all. This is a Wiz/Raps game. The biggest surprise this series has been the possible emergence of Otto Porter. This could make the Wiz a slightly harder out in Round 2.

I suspect the loser of this series is hiring Scott Brooks.

Revised Prediction: Wiz in 5 (I can’t see a Wittman coached team getting a sweep even if it’s versus a Casey coached team).

Tomorrow we do the West!



  1. Andrew Sutton
    April 22

    That Kyrie vs Ray at 22 comparison is why players develop quicker in a pro environment than say the NCAA. Ray had to adjust at a later age because of his stunted growth playing multiple seasons in college (shooting those mid range two’s I mean three’s are a bad habit to break). Speaking of coaches, MDA for Washington would be great for Wall, Beal(get those three point attempts up), and it revitalizes the vets on that team( Pierce, Gortat, and Nene). Also Houston’s Dleague coach is available. Seems like an underrated choice with regards of playing a current NBA offense instead of that old man 80s mid range jumper basketball.

  2. Fred Bush
    April 23

    Blake is going to continue to get a high volume of shots throughout the series. Happened in the regular season, happening now.

  3. Andrew Sutton
    April 29

    Since you are a fan of re-drafts, how about redoing this post of past drafts? Looking at that old post and wondering why the Chicago didn’t take Beasley(I would have taken him number 1 every time if not for Love) or Love first overall in 2008. Noah and Love as bigs would’ve been great. That post left out a ton of players as well because I would think that Curry would be high on that 2008 draft section. Curry over Rose. Hill over Rose. I think Chalmers over Rose.

  4. Andrew Sutton
    April 29

    Sorry, Curry came out a year later. If there weren’t all these NCAA restrictions, he probably could’ve been persuade to leave school even earlier.

  5. April 29

    Where’s the West post? I’ve been waiting a week!!

  6. Andrew Sutton
    May 31

    You know what’s special about Golden State( They need to hurry up and move to San Fran or just rename the team to Oakland smh). Green (Draft) and Barnes (Draft) are 2 of the top 3 players for that team. That’s unprecedented. Irving and Thompson will join them as top 3 players on Cleveland to make this a rare finals. I bet you have the data on this. When was the last team to do this?

  7. Scott O
    June 11

    Hey Arturo, hope everything is ok. I don’t comment much but enjoy your posts. Get back to work 🙂

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