2017 NBA Draft Ratings

Just a short post with the draft ratings. May add more later.

2017 Draft v1

Here’s a link to a visual interactive version of this.
Tableau Visual for 2017 Draft

Note this is an extremely deep NCAA draft class. Taking a flier on unknown internationals here is foolhardy.

Draft Class comps

Euros/Internationals I have data for:

DE #14: Frank Ntilikina (PG, 19 ,6’5″, STRASBOURG INTERNATIONAL): -.33 Position Adjusted Win Score per 40 (PAWS40) in the French League. So Below average in a league I rate close to the NCAA. Ntilikina also has a 7’0″ wingspan and played quite well in U18 internationals. He’s an interesting flier is you’re looking for a combo guard with upside.

DE #27: Anzejs Pasecniks (C,21, 7’2″, GRAN CANARIA INTERNATIONAL): .15 PAWS40 in ACB. So above average for a center in a league that is better than the NCAA.

DE #28: Terrance Ferguson (SG,19,6’7″) Shooting guard that plays in Australia, good luck with that.

DE #31: Isaiah Hartenstein (PF/C,19,7’0″) Center that plays in Lithuania. Hey, at least he’s 7 feet tall. I’m told you can’t teach that.

DE #36: Jonah Bolden (PF,21.5,6’10”,Radnicki Basket) 3.52 PAWS40 in the Adriatic. This kid is good in a league that’s better than the NCAA.

DE #43: Mathias Lessort (PF/C,21,6’9″, STRASBOURG INTERNATIONAL): 3.31 PAWS40 in the French League. So quite good in a league I rate close to the NCAA. Definitely interesting.

DE #48: George De Paula(PG,21,6’6″,PAULISTANO INTERNATIONAL):Plays in the Brazilian domestic league. No usable data. Caveat Emptor.

DE #54: Alberto Abalde(SF,21,6’7″,JOVENTUT INTERNATIONAL): -.21 PAWS40. Average for an SF in the second best league in the world (ACB). Worth considering.

DE #57: Vlatko Cancar(SF,20,6’8″,MEGA BEMAX INTERNATIONAL):-1.53 PAWS40 in the Adriatic. Pass.

DE #59: Jonathan Jeanne(C,20,7’2″,NANCY INTERNATIONAL): Not enough data for a projection. Again, caveat emptor.


  1. Andrew Sutton
    June 20

    Your work from 2014 should be in the MoMA.
    Top 5 of Capela, Taveres(who has been killing it in the dleague), Arteaga(killing it in the ACB),Nurkic, Jordan Adams (bad luck with injuries). Notables: Slo mo, Euroleague defensive player of thy year Khem birch, Jokic. You also were the only one to not have Wiggins and Jabari no where near your top 15. That earns you alot of draft credit from me. Anybody who did mocks from that year with Wiggins and Jabari in their top 5 gives a strong pass as far as analysis from me. I still love the dx videos but miss me on their mocks and rankings.

  2. Patrick McCabe
    June 22

    You’re still the best, AG. And your hard work is much appreciated.. Years on now, do harbor any doubt (may I repeat: any doubt) that WP is still the best readily available metric?

    I’m still mystified that WP and all but one readily avail metric rate Cedric Maxwell as the most valuable Celtic in 79-80. Alas, the only metric that rates Bird barely MV is Daniel (?) Myers’s. Dsmoke, the guy Forman anointed but who the WoW blog regularly crushed. I crunched some numbers on a calculator. Comparing increase, repeat: increase, in WP/40 for Archibald, Ford, Cowens & Maxwell from 78-79 to 79-80. Save for the aging Cowens, they all had substantial jumps, if memory serves. I wonder if you or one of the other top analytics guys could somehow plug that variable into models. Best regards always. .

    • Patrick McCabe
      June 22

      Oops. Exhausted. That should have read: “do YOU harbor any doubt…that WP is still the best readily available metric?” You,.AG.

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